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Adopting from Russia, a Language and Parenting Guide

Adopting from RussiaThis was the first Russian guide geared specifically toward adopting families. It consists of a professionally recorded CD and 67-page handbook (20 pages of language info; 40+ pages with tons of practical info).
   * Useful phrases in Russian and English suitable for young children.
   * Supplemental vocabulary with pronunciations written and on cassette.
   * Ideas for waiting, travel, enhancing bonding and decreasing frustration as a new parent.
   * No time consuming learning of Cyrillic letters
   * Chapters include: Speaking and Pronunciation, Vocabulary (With Hosts, When you meet your child, Early days together, In the bathroom, Food and drinks, Clothing, On the train, On the plane, Numbers and colors, Other helpful terms) Easing the transition, Resources for Adopting, Orphange Donation items and a Personal bio of the author.

From the author: "....so I decided to help others have the same advantage: to be able to talk with their children in their first weeks together. The set has been evaluated by native Russian speakers and lots of parents (prospective adoptive parents wishing to learn Russian and parents who have adopted). It has gotten excellent reviews from native Russian speakers as well as those learning Russian." The author will donate 10% (or more) to overseas orphanages.

Adopting From Russia is now accompanied by a CD-ROM of games (matching, multiple choice, and memory) to play after you are familiar with the phrases on the language CD. Added in August 2007: "Phrases You Can Use in Court".

E-mail Teresa Kelleher [e-mail link] (the author) if you have any questions or want further information.

RUSH into English

RUSH into EnglishRUSH into English: English for Russian kids. The RUSH Into English language set includes vocabulary, phrases, and questions to help children transition smoothly from Russian to English.

It's just what you've been waiting for! A 59-minute CD and 61-page handbook to help your child --
   * right off the plane: I'm thirsty. What's that? My stomach hurts. I have to go to the bathroom.
   * with family: It's your turn. You are nice. Will you help me? I love you!
   * make friends: What's your name? Let's play outside. How old are you? Do you like music? Do you want half?
   * at school: I don't understand. Are you busy? Read it to me, please. I can do it.

200 phrases and questions (plus tons of additional vocabulary) kids can use immediately to get settled in their new surroundings and to learn more English on their own. (*How do you say ____? What did you say? Repeat it, please. Slower, please. One more time. I'm learning English., etc.)

The CD and handbook are organized so that younger children can use the first several sections to begin with, while older children will want to listen and repeat the entire CD right away.

"The handbook has valuable language information for parents. Several language activities are also included so you can help your child(ren) get started with pre-reading / reading and writing too."

RUSH into English now includes "TLC Little Books," bilingual mini-readers to help your child/ren know what to expect: 'On the Plane,' 'The Long Trip Home,' 'My New Home,' 'My Family,' 'Changes,' etc. (7 mini-readers are included, English on one side and Russian on the other -- Grreat for kids who can already read and for all adoptive children so they know what to expect in their first weeks with you in their 'whole new world.')

Easing the Transition is a handbook which includes basic information about overseas adoption. It does NOT have a language component. If you are ordering a language set, do NOT order this as the information is already part of your adoption-specific language set. If you are not ordering Adopting from Russia, it is $12.50 ($9.95 + $2.55 first class shipping).

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To order, please complete and mail this form, along with a check (made out to "TLC") for (check one)
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____ $71.50 total for each set by FedEx Overnight in the US
____ $80.50 USD for each set by FedEx International to Canada
____ $63.50 total for each set by USPS Global Priority to the UK
____ $12.50 total for Easing the Transition (included in Adopting from Russian)
____ (AZ residents: please add $2.25 tax.)
____ TOTAL payment

If you are outside the U.S. e-mail Teresa [e-mail link] and she'll email info on shipping costs to you.

You can also order through her Adopting from Russia [external [link] website and use paypal. If you do, please mention that you heard about it through this website.

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