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I Am America I Am America link in new window
by Charles R. Smith, published in July 2003, ages 4-8
"The powerful poem in this one-of-a-kind book is enhanced by the accompanying photographs that represent children of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. The playful images and touching poetry work together to tell the story of America. Children and parents alike will be moved by each unforgettable face and each strikingly beautiful line of verse. Photographer Charles Smith, Jr. brings his unique artistic style to this patriotic and poignant portrayal of America's children."

Our Shining Flower Our Shining Flower
by Dianna Smith, published November 2007
"Poignant, inspiring, and hopeful, Our Shining Flower celebrates the resilience of the human spirit. The process of adoption is a journey filled with a mixture of joy and discouragement, exhilaration and tedium. It is also magical! It is through the lens of magic and fable that Dianna Smith takes us on a journey to the Land of Tien Shan, to the Mountain of Children in search of Shining Flower, a little girl whose birth was welcomed by the starry sky itself!" Order it from the Our Shining Flower website [link in new window]. Finally an adoption story about Kazakhstan! This is a wonderful story of adoption, written like a fairy tale, and beautifully illustrated.

My New Family: A First Look at Adoption My New Family: A First Look at Adoption link in new window
by Pat Thomas, published May 2003, ages 4-7
"Children often have difficulty understanding and dealing with the fact that he or she was adopted. My New Family is a full-color illustrated book that explains to the child that he or she should feel lucky to be part of a loving, caring family. It is also provides an opportunity for the adoptive parents to reassure the child that they are fortunate and lucky to have the child as part of their lives. A guide for the parents is provided to show the parents how to use the book and additional resources that are available for them."

Jack's New Family Jack's New Family
by Dee E. Thompson, published January 2007.
"Ilya is an 8 year old boy who has lived his whole life in an orphanage in Russia. Now that he's been adopted, he must adjust to life in America with his new mom and older sister, learn English, and try to become an American boy named Jack. As he tells the story in his own words, he marvels at the many differences between an American home and a family, and his experiences as an orphan. With text in both English and Russian, Jack's New Family is a valuable resource for kids who have been recently adopted, or parents who are adopting an older child. It's also a fascinating story for any child, to give them a better understanding of how to find their way in a new place." Available directly from the publisher United Writers Press link in new window.

Golden Egg: A Story about Adoption Golden Egg: A Story about Adoption link in new window
by Jenny and Phil Thrasher, published April 2006
"Jenny and Phil Thrasher adopted their children, Trey and Mackenzie, from Kazakhstan in 2004. They wrote The Golden Egg to help explain the miracle of adoption to Trey and Mackenzie. Jenny and Phil hope The Golden Egg will help children and adults everywhere understand the beauty of adoption. "

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A is for Adopted A Is for Adopted link in new window
by Eileen Tucker, et. al., published August 2001, ages 5-10
"Provides a way to introduce adoption to children, and reminds parents of adopted children of the precious gift they have been given."

Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies link in new window
by Ann W. Turner, published September 1992, ages 4-7
"A young Asian boy tells the story of how he came by plane from his country, 'through night and moon and stars,' to meet the man and woman who would be his {adoptive} parents." (Horn Book) This book was featured in an episode of Reading Rainbow on PBS.

I Promise I'll Find You I Promise I'll Find You link in new window
by Patricia Ward, published September 1994, ages 3-8
"is a delightful book of eleven verses depicting different places where a mother is searching for her child. The mother rows a rowboat across the sea, flys an airplane across the sky, takes a rocket ship to the moon, and searches to the very ends of the earth for her precious child. The illustations are very nice and the book has served as a springboard for discussions that a 4 year old can developmentally understand."

The Best Single Mom in the World The Best Single Mom in the World: How I Was Adopted link in new window
by Mary Zisk, published September 2001, ages 5-8
"A single woman and a little girl separated by oceans and mountains come together to form a family in this poignant book about adoption. Using simple words and colorful, detailed illustrations, the author and her daughter tell their story. Single parenthood is presented in a very positive way; the issue of a missing father is raised and dismissed as the little girl realizes she has other loving males (a grandfather and friend's father) in her life... Readers glimpse a little adjusted, happy little girl in this single parent adoptive family."

Little Heroes #3Little Heroes #3: From Across the Seas link in new window is a booklet put out by the National Training Institute; written to help parents explain international adoption to their children. It is a story about a boy adopted from Russia.

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