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Some of these web sites linked to on each city's page are not in English, and because they are on foreign servers they tend to disappear and reappear frequently. Use an online translator to view Russian pages in English. However, while on the different web sites, if you put your pointer over a link (without clicking) and look at the address on the bottom of your browser window, the URL is usually in English, so that you can at least locate pictures. You can also look for "ФOTO" which is photo.

The following links take you to online translator sites; it will open in a new window making it easier to paste in the web address to be translated: Systran link in new window, Babel Fish link in new window, World Lingo link in new window, Promt link in new window (optional free registration for more options), Google language tools link in new window, and LogoMedia link in new window (free for a limited time, but you must register to use it). If you use the browser Google Chrome link in new window, it will automatically translate pages as you open them. These online translators can either translate web pages or text that you type in. In addition to these sites, Rustran link in new window, Trident link in new window, link in new window, Reverso link in new window and Im Translator link in new window will translate text online. Translate it back into English to check the accuracy, and try more than one if the translation doesn't make any sense.

General Sites

Click on the name of a city on the map or list below for more information about it. Please be patient as it takes a little time for the map to load. Holding the pointer over the city will cause a small box to pop-up which lists alternative names and spellings. If there is no link to a city you are interested in, please E-mail me [e-mail link] and I will see what I can find. Would you like to help me keep a city's page updated? I am unable to double-check the links and search for new sites as often as I would like. Just let me know what city you would like to help with; I can also give you hints on how to search. Below the map is a list of the cities for which I have pages; a next to the name means that I have added new content in the last month.

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Kazakhstan map
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