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Yahoo groups: adoption and international adoption

  • There are international adoption groups for each state. The lists are open to prospective parents, friends and family. Each e-mail group has two main purposes: to provide a means by which we can advocate for international adoption and to allow parents to network with other parents within their state. To find the one for your state, go to InternationalAdopt [external link]; you will get an error code telling you the group does not exist. Add your 2 letter state abbreviation after the address and click go. Or you can copy and paste the following into your browser window, replacing the XX with your state letters: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/InternationalAdoptXX.
  • International-Adopt-Talk [external link] is for families of international adoptions. "Primarily we focus on the late years just before pre-teen, pre-teen, teen, and adult (or lifelong) issues as it applies to international adoption."
  • GAARP [external link] or Gracefully Aging Aware Refined Parents, for adoptive parents over the age of 40.
  • Adoption - Preservation [external link] "discusses personal and behavioral issues which have typically resulted from special needs adoptions. Behavioral issues such as Reactive Attachment Disorder, Attachment Disorder, Oppositional Defiant, FAS/FAE, Passive Aggresive tendencies and many others may be discussed. It is hoped that this will be an additional support for those families dealing with these incredibly difficult issues and will serve to help in the preservation of the family and the adoption."
  • Adopt SAHP [external link] is for "stay at home parents" with lots of international adoption families.
  • Adopting Older Kids [external link] "is for anyone who desires to share, learn, listen, support and be supported by others who have been or desire to be touched by the adoption of older children (non-newborn)."
  • International Post Adoption Support [external link] (IPAS): "We welcome parents of international adoptees of all ages, but focus on children adopted between the ages of three and eight. Attachment issues, sensory intergration disorder, language issues, education and special needs are just some of the topics we'll be discussing." This group had little activity in 2007.
  • Adopt 3-5 years [external link]: "This group is for the discussion of real issues relating to the adoption of "older" children between the age of 3 to 5 years old at adoption. Some issues may include language development, development delays and attachment parenting."
  • Eastern European Toddler and Up Adoptions [external link]: "This group is designed to share information and support pertaining to toddler and older children adoptions from Eastern Europe. Adopting an older than infant-age child poses special challenges as well as joys for the adoptive parents."
  • Divorce After Adoption [external link]: "This group is a private place to network for all who have internationally adopted and then found themselves divorced or legally separated. Discussions will include, but are not limited to, how it affects the custodial (or non-custodial) parent and how it affects the child/ren and what can be done to make the transitions easier. It will also include how to discuss this with the children (age-appropriately) if one of the reasons for the divorce or separation was adoption."
  • Post Adopt Widows and Widowers [external link]: "This group is for international adoptive parents who have been widowed since adopting. We also welcome those that are raising children of single adopters who have passed away, such as grandparents or other relatives/friends. Potential discussion items might be keeping our spouse's (daughter's/sister's) memory alive for our children (grandchildren/nieces/nephews), adjusting to (single) parenthood, handling loss issues with our children, and just plain support."
  • Adopted and Gifted [external link] is a "listserv for parents of children who were adopted internationally and are academically gifted. The purpose is to share experiences, knowledge, and insights into the various challenges our children face in education and development of their self-esteem and identities."
  • Birth Parent Contact [external link]: "This group is for those who have adopted Internationally and are contemplating birth parent contact. It is also for those who have already established contact with birth parents. It is a safe place for us to share our hopes, desires, fears and explore our emotions surrounding this topic."
  • Fundraising for Adoption [external link]: "a group where ideas for fundraising are being discussed."
  • Blended Blessings [external link]: "This list is a place for all families to connect that have the "Blended Blessings" of both biological and adopted children. Also welcome are parents with biological children that are considering expanding their family through adoption from from Russia, Eastern Europe or Central Asia. "
  • Mothers wanting Daughters [external link]: "Are you a mother of ALL boys and desperately want to have a daughter to complete your family? Join this group of those who have adopted or want to adopt a daughter."
  • Adoption Agency Research [external link]: "formed to help prospective adoptive parents in their research and selection of an international adoption agency."
  • Single with two [external link] "is an active support group for single parents with multiple children, where at least one is an international adoptee."
  • Single already with two [external link] "is an active support group for single parents with multiple children, where at least one is an international adoptee."

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  • Raising Adopted Boys [external link]: "This list is created for parents who are raising internationally adopted boys. So many of the adoption lists seem dominated by parents of girls and so many of the issues are girl-specific. The purpose of this list is to explore boy-specific topics in depth."
  • Adoption Parenting [external link]: "This e-group provides information, resources and insightful advice from professionals and from "parent experts". Sponsored by EMK Press. This is not a chat list, rather a venue to exchange ideas and to look at differing parenting philosophies, based on the topic at hand. The format is a topic driven and topics last for a period of 2 weeks to allow time for parents to think and respond."
  • Families with Older Internationally Adopted Older Children [external link]: "A supportive group for families who have adopted internationally children ages 10 and older. We welcome families who have adopted an older child from any country other their own country."
  • Open International Families [external link] "is for people who have or are actively trying to have an open international adoption. It is also for people who have tried and failed to open an international adoption."
  • Raising Adopted Girls [external link]: "This list is created for parents who are raising adopted girls. So many of the lists are for raising girls from Asian countries. The purpose of this list is to explore all girl-specific topics in depth, no matter which country they are from."
  • Post International Aodpiton Support Group [external link]: "A place for post adoptive parents to receive emotional support and share information, discuss issues, compare notes, ask questions etc. regarding the topic of international adoptions. Adoptive parents of all countries welcome!"
  • Adopting Children with Limb Differences [external link]: "This is a newly created group for anyone who is considering, paperchasing or has adopted a child with limb differences. We know it is not easy to find support groups out there..."
  • Grandparents by International Adoption [external link]: "Are you a grandparent due to an international adoption in your family? Let's share our thoughts: love, joys, concerns, etc."
  • Like Twins [external link]: "This list is intended as a support network, sounding board and forum for sharing stories and information for parents of "pseudo twins" -- children in one family who are less than 9 months apart. These unusual circumstances (created by adoption, blending families, premature babies, etc.) bring about many issues faced by parents of twins (or other multiples), yet present unique problems, issues, etc."
  • PostAdopt [external link]: "If you have adopted children and your family is now complete, then this group is for you! Our adopted children come from the world over and yet have similar needs and issues. Please feel free to share your joys, your sorrows, your heart. Although mention of God and prayer are allowed, please mark your post OT in the subject line for (offtopic) when posts contain such. This is a family site and no flames, moles, spammers etc.. will be tolerated. We welcome discussion of special needs."
  • International Adoption Resources [external link]: "So you've decided to adopt internationally (or are thinking about it), and don't know what to do next? Or you want to research international adoption and don't know where to turn? Not sure which country to adopt from, or which countries are possibilities? You've come to the right place! This group is for people starting out on their journey toward international adoption and for experienced adoptive parents who want to help them along. We provide information and resources for choosing a country, researching adoption agencies, completing your home study and USCIS requirements, finding information on adoption related issues, post adoption issues and sources for support and encouragement. Whether you are seeking to adopt from Eastern Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, The Carribean, South Pacific, Africa, or are home with your child and trying to decide what to feed him/her and wondering if you'll ever sleep again - we have information and resources to help you."

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General Kazakhstan Yahoo Groups

If you do a search on Yahoo!Groups [external link] you will also find ones started by families to relate their adoption journey, groups for agencies, and regional FRUA groups.

  • Kazakhstan_Adoption [external link] is owned by an agency, but there are a number of agencies used by its members. It is the oldest list around for adoptions from Kazakhstan, and the largest e-mail list.
  • Parents Adopting Kazakh Kids (PAKK) [external link] is run by an adoptive mom whose kids were in the Kidsave program. Although this list tends to discuss older kid issues, there are certainly topics that are of interest to anyone adopting from and traveling to Kazakhstan.
  • PAK_RL [external link] (Post Adoption Kazakhstan - Real Life) is "a place to swap strategies for coping with life after your child comes home". Off-shoot of the above group.
  • Kazakhstan Recipes [external link] "started this group to help those of us with Kazakh families find Kazakh recipes in one location and to learn more about the culture."
  • Kazakhstan Adoptions [external link] "A community of people that are interested in adopting from Kazakhstan or have adopted already from Kazakhstan." This is not the same as Kazakhstan Adoption, the much larger group.
  • Single Kaz Moms [external link]: "The purpose of this group is to provide support for single women who are adopting or have already adopted from Kazakhstan."
  • Older Kids from Kazakhstan [external link] "for parents who have adopted older kids from Kazakhstan. No age limit is set. If you consider your child an "older kid" (i.e. not an infant) you are invited to join."
  • KazTwins [external link]: "This group has been created for those who have adopted multiples (twins, virtual twins or higher order multiples) from Kazakhstan. Topics of discussion vary, but typically focus on the joys and challenges of raising multiples."
  • Christian Parents adopting from Kazakhstan (CPAK) [external link]: "This group was created to be a safe place for Christians of all denominations to come together to discuss all issues relative to adopting from Kazakhstan."
  • Kazakhstan Calendar [external link]: "This group has been created for families to easily post pictures of their children for the Kazakhstan fundraiser calendar."
  • China Concurrent Adoption [external link]: "Those seeking to adopt from China, and add to their families from somewhere else. With the long wait happening in China, many are looking or have already added to their families from other countries. This group is especially for those looking at other international countires - like Kazakhsthan, but open to others, even domestic. Group for those interested in sharing thoughts and more around building a multi-cultural family."
  • Help Kaz Orphans: "This group is for all humanitarian aid organizations and charities who are working to help the orphans of Kazakhstan."

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Kazakhstan city Yahoo groups

  • Akkol [external link] for people who have adopted from this village an hour north of Astana. Akkol Kaz Friends [external link] "is for those who are interested in helping the children in the orphanage in Akkol." Mittens for Akkol [external link] "was formed to keep track of mittens knitted for the children at the orphanage in Akkol, Kazakhstan. It is an offshoot of Children in Common whose members knit socks, vests, sweaters and caregiver shawls for orphanages in the former Soviet republics. Any knitters (or crocheters) are welcome to join!"
  • Aktau Families [external link]: "This is a group for families who have adopted from Aktau, Kazakhstan. It is also for anyone interested in adopting from this city and looking for information and/or support. The purpose is to provide an avenue for families with children from Aktau to keep in touch and provide assistance to parents who are currently adopting in Aktau. Aktau is a port city on the Caspian Sea in Western Kazakhstan."
  • Almaty [external link], started in February 2002, is for parents whose kids came from Almaty or are planning to adopt from there.
  • Adopting from Almaty [external link], started in March 2008, "is for families that have, will, or are thinking about adopting from the Almaty region of Kazakhstan. The Almaty region includes all baby homes in Almaty City, Karakastek and Esik. Come and share your experiences, memories, and all things Kazakhstan with all."
  • Aqtobe [external link]: "This group is for families who share the common bond of having adopted or preparing to adopt a child or children from Aqtobe."
  • Adopt Astana [external link] "is for people who did/will/might possibly adopt from Astana, Kazakhstan. On this list we will talk about where to eat, shop and stay, what to see, and what the orphanages are like in Astana. Any and all Kazakhstan/Astana topics are welcomed! Those who have already traveled and are willing to share their hard earned knowledge are encouraged to join!"
  • Karaganda [external link] is for parents whose kids came from Karaganda or are waiting to travel.
  • Karaganda Parents [external link] is for the post-adoption exchange of photos and information about life while in the orphanages. Only for post-adoptive families.
  • Kyzylorda Adopt [external link] "is for people who have adopted a child or have received a referral for a child from Kyzylorda in Kazakhstan. Our intention is to foster discussion among and provide resouces to individuals and families touched by adoption from this region."
  • Pavlodar [external link] is for parents whose kids came from Pavlodar. Friends from Pavlodar [external link] is for children who were in specific orphanages in 2001-2002. Pavlodar Families [external link] "is a listserv for families who have adopted from Pavlodar. Families who are in the process of adopting from Pavlodar are welcomed to join. "
  • PVPK [external link]: "To provide a place where parents of babies/children adopted from the orphanage in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan can share information concerning their adoptions and their children."
  • Kazakhstan-Qostanay [external link] for parents who have adopted or are in the process of adopting from the Qostanay, Kostanai, Kostanay, Kustanay region of Kazakhstan.
  • Semey [external link] "made up of families that have already adopted from Semipalatinsk Kazakhstan and returned home. The intent is to allow everyone to hear about how all the children and families are doing and try to keep up-to-date and current with all that is going on."
  • Shymkent Families [external link] "is for families that adopted from Shymkent, Kazakhstan. The goal is to provide a place to share information and to provide a place for our children to keep track of their childhood friends."
  • Taldy-Korgan [external link] for families who've adopted (or are going to adopt) from this small town.
  • Taraz [external link]: "for people who have adopted a child or have received a referral for a child from Taraz in Kazakhstan. Our intention is to foster discussion among and provide resouces to individuals and families touched by adoption from this region."
  • Uralsk Adopt [external link] is a list for pre- and post-adoptive parents whose kids came from Uralsk.
  • Ust-Kamenogorsk Adoptions [external link] "is for people who have adopted/are adopting/are thinking about adopting a child or children from the Ust Kamenogorsk region of Kazakhstan."
  • Ust-Kamenogorsk Children's Home [external link]: "This group exists to provide a central meeting place for families of children adopted from the Government Children's House #1 (Detsky Dom) in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan. It is also open to families who are adopting from the Children's House and have their dossier in-country."
  • ACORN [external link] is a non-profit organizaition. "Our main objective is to continue the Kazakhstan orphan sponsorship program founded in 1999 by US Peace Corps volunteers under the name of Project Smile in Ust-Kamenogorsk." Involved with 2 orphanages in Ust-Kamenogorsk and one in Ridder, as well as the children's and maternity wards of a hospital in Ridder.
  • Zhezkazgan [external link] is for parents whose kids are (or will be) from Zhezkazgan.

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US regional Yahoo groups for families with kids from Kazakhstan

  • Adopt Kazakstan CA [external link]: "California residents and interested parties with children adopted from Kazakhstan."
  • Kazakhstan Events in Southern California [external link]: "This group is for any parent in/near Southern California with children adopted from Kazakhstan or any person considering adopting from Kazakhstan. The purpose of this group is to communicate and plan events that bring us all together- to have fun, share experiences, and offer each other encouragement and support."
  • Colorado Kazakh Families [external link] is for Colorado families with children adopted from Kazakhstan, in the process, or considering adoption from Kazakhstan. Its primary intent is to act as a communication vehicle to keep us in touch to help facilitate gatherings, events and celebrations.
  • CT-NY KazFamilies [external link] "is for families living in the New York and Connecticut area that have adopted children from the country of Kazakhstan."
  • Kazak Florida Families [external link] is for families in Florida that have grown their families through adoption from Kazakhstan.
  • There is a playgroup in the Atlanta, Georgia area that holds monthly functions in the area. Contact Lauren [e-mail link] or Elizabeth [e-mail link] for information.
  • Atlanta Southsiders with Kazakh Kids [external link] "is composed of Atlanta area Southsiders with children adopted from Kazakhstan. Our goal is to encourage friendships among our adopted children so they will grow up having friends with similar backgrounds. We encourage families completing the adoption to join us as well."
  • Hawaii [external link] is for families in Hawaii interested in planning and participating in outings for our children adopted from Kazakhstan.
  • Chicagoland Kaz Adoptions [external link]: "There is a very large population of children adopted from Kazakhstan in the city of Chicago and its surrounding areas. This group is for families in the Chicagoland area to discuss Kazakhstan adoption. Anyone considering adopting from Kazakhstan, in the process, or home with their children is welcome to join."
  • Kids from Kazakhstan - Maryland [external link] "for parents who have adopted kids from Kazakhstan and live in Maryland and Northern Virginia. It is a way to get to know each other, share stories and get together."
  • Massachusetts-Rhode Island [external link] is for pre- and post-adoptive parents in the New England area.
  • Michigan's Kazakh Kids [external link]: "We are a friendly group of families with children of all ages adopted from Kazakhstan. The group gets together informally a few times each year, at a variety of locations throughout Metropolitan Detroit and surrounding counties in Michigan. The purpose of the group is to give our sons and daughters an opportunity to build friendships with others born in Kazakhstan, and to keep a connection with the heritage of their birth country."
  • Adopt Kazakhstan NC [external link]: "This list is for North Carolina residents who have adopted children or who are in the process of adopting children from Kazakhstan."
  • Kazakhstan AP's of NJ [external link]: "This group is for NJ families in the process of adopting from Kazakhstan or who have completed an adoption from Kazakhstan. AP's at any stage of the process are welcome to join!" This group was accidently set up as an "adult-only" group, so don't be put off by the warning!
  • Midwest Kazakhstan [external link] group for those living in the Midwest US states to plan outings.
  • Tennessee-Kentucky [external link] area families with kids from Kazakhstan.
  • Kazakh-Texans [external link] is for Texas families who have adopted from Kazakhstan. They have an annual picnic.
  • Kaz Kids Virginia [external link]: "offer friendship and support to those who have adopted children from Kazakhstan and live in the Virginia Area. Feel free to share area activities of interest, cultural issues, adoption issues and, of course, updates on our wonderful children!"
  • Northern Virginia Kazakh Kids [external link]: "The purpose of this group is to provide support for parents (and parents to be) of children adopted from Kazakhstan who reside in the Northern Virginia and DC Metro Area. Any parent or close family member who is in the process of or already completed their adoption from Kazakhstan is welcome. A secondary purpose for this group is to retain a method of contact for future events."
  • Kazakhstan Adoption in Washington DC [external link] for area families to exchange ideas and information and plan gatherings.
  • Seattle Kaz [external link] is a group for families living in the Pacific Northwest who have adopted kids from Kazakhstan.

Other e-mail lists and forums, including non-US

  • Adoption Forums - Kazakhstan [external link]
  • Eastern European Adoption Coalition [external link] (EEAC) has a list for Kazakhstan as well as 8 other countries. They also have lists for: older children adoption, babies and toddlers, homeschooling, singles, special needs, FAS/FAE, and parents living in 4 other countries.
  • FRUA Chat [external link]: Families for Russian and Ukranian Adoption has discussions for various countries (including Kazakhstan), agencies, travel, pre- and post-adoption, books/movies/TV shows, etc.
  • Fertile Thoughts [external link] International adoption forum.
  • Canadians Adopting from Kazakhstan [external link]: "We hope to post our progress and hope to learn from the experiences of other Canadians who have already made the journey or those who are on the road. This group is also for Canadians who are considering adoption from Kazakhstan."
  • UK/Kazakh Adoption [external link]: "A support group for parents of children adopted from Kazakhstan and waiting parents applying to Kazakhstan."

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