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These sites have information about Kazakhstan as well as links to other places. I have generally called them by their web page title. Not in any particular order. I have included a list of the information provided at each site. All links are external [external link], unless otherwise noted, and open in the same window.

Lonely Planet: Destination Kazakstan

  • Introduction: At a Glance (when to go), Fast Facts
  • Background Info: weather, health & safety, time & place, crossing borders, government, people & society, culture & history
  • See: Astana, Zailiysky Alatau
  • Image Gallery
  • Transport: getting there and getting around
  • Money & Costs
  • Thorn Tree Forum
  • Tips from Travellers
  • Travel Links

Encyclopedia Britanica; unfortunately, no longer free.

  • The land: relief, drainage, climate, soils, plant and animal life, settlement patterns
  • The people
  • The economy: resources, agriculture, industry, transportation
  • Administration and social conditions: government, armed forces, education, health and welfare
  • Cultural life
  • History: Kazakstan to 1700, Russian and Soviet rule and independence
  • Bilbliography: geography, history

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan's Web Site

  • News
  • References: central authorities, ministries and agencies
  • Kazakhstan: General information (president, state institutes, history, population, economy, political parties, NGO and media), Chronicle of independent Kazakhstan, Astana, The Constitution, Kazakhstan - 2030, Development priorities, The Assembly of Peoples, Conference on interaction and confidence building measures in Asia, Congress of religions
  • Events
  • Speeches
  • The Administration of the President
  • Attributes: state symbols, insignia of the President, state awards and prizes, Presidential Protocol, Presidential Orchestra, Republican Guards, Presidential residences
  • Head of State: the President, inauguration, spouse
  • Creative work of the President: books, music
  • Letters
  • Media
  • Multimedia

Silk Road Foundation

  • Studies: Xinjang, Dunhuang, Sven Hedin, Travelers, Buddism, History of Silk Road
  • Articles
  • Lectures
  • Culture: Folklore (Turkic, Kirghiz, and Tajik), Sports/Games, Music, CD-ROM, and Food
  • Travel (nothing in Kazakhstan)
  • Bibliography
  • Maps
  • Timeline
  • Links
  • FAQ
  • News

BBC's Guide to Central Asia

  • Land: climate and vegetation map
  • People: ethnic groups and population density maps, descriptions
  • Politics
  • Economy: economic decline and recovery graph, exports
  • Oil: oil and gas pipelines, production areas
  • Poverty: graphs for poverty, nutrition, adult literacy and clean water
  • Pollution: environmental problems

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Background Notes: Kazakhstan from the US Department of State. Information similar to the CIA World Factbook, with more details on traveling there, government officials, etc.

Timeline: Kazakhstan is a very concise look at Kazakhstan's history from the BBC.

NationMaster - Kazakhstan has facts and figures for Kazakhstan in many categories.

About Kazakhstan "All about Kazakhstan in 10 squares" Overview, Government, Geography, Flora and Fauna, National Features, Economy, History, People, Culture, and Media. They have a list of Kazakhstan orphanages contact information.

Freedom House, "an independent nongovernmental organization that supports the expansion of freedom in the world" has several different reports on Kazakhstan.

Wiki: Kazakhstan: yes, I know, it's Wikipedia. In spite of the potential for inaccuracies because anyone can edit the listing, it is still a good source for information and links.

New link:

Unique Kazakhstan looks like a fabulous site, from history to geography to shopping. In Russian, Kazakhs and English.

The following websites are links collections; in other words, they contain only links to other sites. Some of these sites are infrequently or never updated. Many of the links are to sites already listed on this web site. If you are interested in another CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States, former parts of the USSR) or ethnic background, you may be able to find information in other areas of these sites.


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