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Remember that many of these are on foreign servers, and therefore are sometimes slow to load, and may be offline frequently. All links are external [external link], unless otherwise noted, and open in the same window.

  • Central Asian Survey is a journal published in the UK concerning the Central Asian and Caucasian regions.
  • Kazakhstan
  • Central Asia News: same setup as Kazakhstan, only for Central Asia.
  • Times of Central Asia is an on-line daily newsletter covering Central Asia. You can sign up and receive news updates.
  • Kaz Pravada ( "National Daily Newspaper of the Republic of Kazakhstan." Politics, Economics, Society, Culture, Sport, Exchange rate. In Russian and English. This site comes and goes.
  • Eurasia: events and opinions, politics, economic data, petroleum/gas, ecology, corruption, regional crisis, free speech, press releases. In Russian.
  • Irin from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
  • Online Newspapers lists papers from various cities in Kazakhstan and Abyz lists newspapers, news media and news sources.
  • Kazakhstan Press Club: politics, government/parliament, legislative acts/regulations, transport and telecommunications, energy resources, regional press. In Russian.
  • The Moscow Times has articles covering the CIS as well as Russia. You can also sign up to receive daily e-mail summaries.
  • Radio Free Europe Kazakh News Service.
  • Internews Kazakhstan is part of a "multi-national, non-profit, non-governmental organization specializing in media work."
  • KazInform news of Kazkahstan; in Russian, Kazakh and English.
  • Khabar Information Agency: TV and radio company, online news. In Kazakh and Russian, updated daily, loads slowly.
  • EINnews online news service with current headlines. You can subscribe to daily e-mail briefs, but you have to pay for the full article.
  • News Central Asia
  • Kazkommerts Securities: Kazakhstan investment and busineess advisor. Market research and business news, business guide. In English. You can sign up to receive weekly news.
  • Asia Times has a section on Central Asia. It is an internet-only publication that examines geopolitical, political, economic and business issues from an Asian perspective.
  • Kazakhstan Embassy (US) News Bulletin is emailed as well as being available online.
  • Washington Post: Central Asia
  • Gazeta online newspaper. In Russian and Kazakh. This site comes and goes.
  • "covers Eurasian politics and news, seeking to draw more attention to issues and news rarely covered in much depth, if at all, by Western media. Our focus is primarily on the former Soviet Republics of Central Asia and the Caucasus, with an eye to domestic politics, relations with with rest of the world, and foreign policy as well as the occasional report on pop culture."
  • The Conway Bulletin "seeks to provide an analysis of investment and business climate in Kazakhstan, along with the latest news from the region - updated daily."
  • is another blog that has unique news items.
  • Topix searches thousands of online sources.
  • Edge has current news and information about Kazakhstan.
  • Kazakhstan Today is in Russian and Kazakh.

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Newspaper and Magazine Articles

  • National Geographic Magazine
    • December 1944, New Road to Asia
    • February 1990, Aral Sea Lies Dying
    • March 1993, Vol 183, no. 3; Kazakhstan: Facing the Nightmare; part of After the Soviet Union collapse: a broken empire
    • May 1999 The Caspian Sea: pictures and article.
    • February 2002 Central Asia Unveiled: excerpt of article and pictures.
    • June 2008 Snow Leopards
  • Muse Magazine for kids ages 8-14.
    • January/February 2000, The Eagle People
    • May/June 2002, Taklamakan, Silk Road, Marco Polo
  • From the same people that publish Muse Magazine is FACES: "brings articles about the cultures of the world to the mailboxes of kids 9-14." You can order the back issue from December 1996 about Central Asia.
  • Kazakhstan Women Toast of Salt Lake, February 2002 article in the Tampa Tribune, search for it in their archives (copy of article is not free).
  • Linking to Kazakhstan Adoptive parents get together. My family is in the picture.
  • The Washington Post did a series of articles in the summer of 2002 titled Central Asia Diary. Articles in it pertaining to Kazakhstan (under Previous Dispatches) are: 8/21 Capital on the Steppes, 8/2 Kazakh Traditions, 7/22 Kazakh Repression and a photogallery.
  • Smithsonian Magazine
    • April 1982, Following the trail of Marco Polo across the roof of Central Asia by Michael Winn
    • August 1994, The new Peace Corps steppes out - in Kazakhstan
  • August 8, 2002, The Small Miracles of Summer
  • Looking for love: Kazakhstan orphans spend summer with families. From the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. August 25, 2002.
  • First to Ride which proposes that the Kazakhs were the first to ride and domesticate horses around 4000 B.C. Discover Magazine, March, 2002.
  • Fallout: in Kazakhstan, the human wreckage of Soviet nuclear tests. September 2002.
  • Search the Moscow Times for the following: American Takes Kyrgyz Orphans Up Mountains, November 2002.
  • Argumenty Fakty (phonetic translation of name, not a literal one) article in Russian about adoptions in Petropavlovsk, does a good job of presenting pro and anti adoption viewpoints; Spetember 10, 2003. I can no longer link directly to the article, but if you read Russian you may be able to search for it.
  • Wallstreet Journal article about the effect of the Hague Treaty on international adoption. October 14, 2003.
  • All Our Children article in April 2003 about efforts to improve the lives of children in orphanages. In the Almaty Herald. This link is a cached version.
  • The King of the Steppes gives a very frank look at Kazakhstan political climate, relationships with other countries, terrorism, and Nursultan Nazarbayev (President of Kazakhstan). This article is Part 2 of the series Silk Road Roaving. In pursuit of the snow leopard (Part 3) examines the oil and gas industry. Part 1 looks at Xinjiang Province (western China), Part 4 and 5 at Kyrgystan, Part 6 is about Islam and terrorism in southern Kyrgystan and Uzbekistan. In Asia Times online.
  • In Transit: Traditional and Soviet Influence in Kazakhstan by Mark Finch. A resurgent traditionalism and ghost of the USSR have made a paradox of the Kazakhs' political, religious, and social character. July 1999.
  • Papers written by professors in the University of Minnesota Department of Slavic and Central Asian Languages and Literatures.
  • Eurasianet articles concerning Kazakhstan.
  • The origins of the Kazakhs and Ozbeks: The Concepts of Tatar, Kipchak, Togmak, and Ozbek; The Language, Customs and Traditions of the Old Kipchak-Ozbek; Division of the Ozbek Society into Ozbek, Kazak, and Mangit-Nogay; The Word "Kazak" and the Concept of Being a "Kazak"; the Growth of Kazaks; The Ozbek Tribes Arriving in Transoxiana. Very interesting article explaining the origin of Cossaks and Kazaks and Tatar.
  • Close Encounters with a Home Barely Known article about ethnic identity and how to include the child's culture. In the New York Times, July 22, 2004.
  • Dispatch from Kazakhstan - Who am I? Russian identity in post-Soviet Kazakhstan, written by a writer in Almaty in July 2004.
  • Series of articles in the Desert-Mountain Times (weekly newspaper from Alpine, TX) written by Jim Glendinning, a travel-guide writer who went to Kazakhstan in 2004-5 with the Peace Corp. They are no longer online or archived, but if you can find them, they are well worth the time.
  • Kazakhs Look to Past as They Build Future in August 2004. Free registration to view the article. You may have to search the LA Times Archives to find it.
  • New friends inspire students to help Kazakhstan orphans in an Asheville, NC newspaper on 9 December 2004.
  • Long-Distance Adoption: Despite distance, reminders of home are everywhere (posted January 17, 2005), Comparing notes: Girls are getting to know the Nollers (posted January 18, 2005), Different places, yet quite similar worlds (posted Jan. 26, 2005) and Market madness, Street sellers thrive in Almaty (posted January 30, 2005). Series of articles written by Wayne Noller for the Fon Du Lac Reporter while in Almaty adopting two 12-year-old girls.
  • Single women adopting babies from Kazakhstan March 6, 2005 in the Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA.
  • For Kazakhs, the kingdom is a horse, December 26, 2005.
  • November 2006: there have been many newspaper and magazine articles concerning the Bor*t movie (I don't want to spell it out, as I don't want my website being found with searches for it), both pro and con.
  • The Land That Time Forgot in a Scotland newspaper, February 25, 2007.
  • Inside the nuclear underworld: Deformity and fear from CNN August 31, 2007. Article and pictures from the Semey area.
  • Kazakhstan: Steppe by step from The Independent (UK), 16 August 2008, very nice overview of the country and history.
  • Kazakhstan: Kids Flee Abusive Care Homes from Institute for war & peace reporting discusses problems with children's homes in Almaty.
  • Kazakhstan's Big Country Harbors a Breed of Hard-Riding, Hard-Drinking Cowboys from the Washington Post on 12 April 2009.
  • Thinking Made Easy: Violence Against Children in Kazakhstan
  • I stopeed updating this website in 2009, so that is why there are no more recent articles.

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