Map of Kazakhstan

When you are looking at maps of Kazakhstan, you will notice that some cities have different names on different maps. This is because some use the Russian name and some use the Kazakh name. Click on the map to see a full size version (859x609). This map is from Map by World Sites Atlas per their usage policy. If you are interested in seeing other maps, go to the Maps page.

City Name on Map Alternative Names
Astana Akmola, Aqmola
Aqtobe Aktyubinsk, Aktyube, Aktobe
Almaty Alma-Ata
Shymkent Chimkent
Karaganda Karagandy, Qaraghandy
Qostanay Qostanai, Kostanai, Kustanay
Semey Semipalatinsk
Zhambyl Taraz, Dzhambul
Turatom Leninsk, Tyuratam
Oral Uralsk
Oskemen Ust-Kamenogorsk
Zhezkazgan Dzezkazgan

Kazakhstan map

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