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On this page you will find thumbnails of various maps that I have found online. They link to the site that I found them on, which has the full size map. Several of these maps are found on different web sites; if possible, I have linked to the origining site, otherwise I have linked to the one with the best quality of picture. I have indicated information on the full-sized maps in pixels (557x291) as well as in MB (44K). I created the thumbnails to give you a general idea of what the original map looks like, and they are purposely of low quality to avoid copyright issues.

Atlapedia Political map

Atlapedia Political
600x473, 104K

Atlaepdai Physical map

Atlapedia Physical
600x472, 104K

freeGK map

659x338, 196K.

UN Topographic Map

UN Presentation Map
650x397, 172K

Lonely Planet map

Lonely Planet
495x355, 68K

Mapquest map

550x353, 104K

Siteatlas political map SiteAtlas Relief Map

SiteAtlas political and relief
898x625, 100K; 859x609, 308K

Theodora map

476x246, 68K

WorldAtlas Outline map

WorldAtlas Outline
717x382, 36K

Kokshetau Online

Kokshetau Online
128x657, 272K

StanTours Black & White

Black & White

1238x915, 148K

StanTours Almaty

Almaty Area

656x467, 68K

StanTours Topographic


620x368, 72K

Maps.com political wall

Maps.com Political
Wall Map
285x214, 184K

Maps.com political wall

Maps.com Political
551x413, 172K

Maps.com political wall

Maps.com Physical
551x414, 80K

Maps of the World

Maps of the World
800x661, 194K

Other Sources

  • Many of the websites that I list in the Kazakhstan Informational pages have maps.
  • Perry Castañeda Library external link at the University of Texas. Massive collection of maps: Kazakhstan Maps external link, Former Soviet Republics external link, and the world. Political, relief, administrative divisions, ethnicities, industry, etc.
  • National Geographic external link Map Machine
  • UN Environment Program external link: administrative, rivers, climate zones, precipitation, temperature in January and July, biodiversity. Most of the maps are not in English.
  • UN Cartography [PDF link]: This is a 140K PDF.
  • Kokshetau Online external link: in Russian. Topographical, historic, regional.
  • Wild Natures external link has maps covering: relief and transportation, economical and political regions, population density, yearly rainfall and evaporation, average temperature in July and January, major ethnic groups, and original vegetation zones. 1/2016 site gone
  • ITMB: Kazakhstan external link (International Travel Maps and Books): "We started mapping the new Central Asian countries about five years ago. We had incredible difficulties with Kazakhstan. 90% of the place names changed after their breakaway from the former USSR, but nobody kept a list of the old versus new names coming into existence. Of course, they didn't all come into existence at the same time, but gradually, over a number of years. Of course, the maps had all been done in Russian, using the old names. We think we have all the current names now, thanks to the CIA, which was given the unenviable task of preparing geographical place names for countries around the world. Talk about a thankless job! Anyway, we now have a lovely, hopefully accurate, map of the largest of the Central Asian nation states, printed on ITM plastic paper, waterproof, double-sided, and indexed. Inset maps of: Almaty and Astana. Legend includes: All roads, tracks, railways, shipping routes, distances, National Parks, nature reserves, mosques, mineral springs, elevation info, points of interest." Published in 2006.
  • Maptown external link has a large number of country, region, and aviation maps.
  • Bing Maps external link interactive map, from world down to street level.
  • Google maps external link goes to city level and Google Earth external link shows street level in some cities.

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