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Anything from adoption items, Asian, Russian, Kazakh, jewelry, carpets, dolls, you name it. On this page all links are external [external link] unless otherwise noted.

Search ebay with the keywords Kazakhstan, Kazakstan, Kazakh and Central Asian. They often have money, minerals, flags, and lately there have been a number of items of interest to adoptive parents (costumes, toys, books, souvenirs). I don't use the keyword Kazak because it usually yields a very large number of items, mostly Kazak-style carpets (not actually from Kazakhstan). Registration with ebay is free and only takes a few minutes before you can start shopping. In order for me to be paid a commission for ebay purchases, you have to link directly from my site for every bid.

Kazakhstan items

These sites either specialize in things from/about Kazakhstan, or they make items with many different countries featured, including Kazakhstan. Scroll down this page for Kazakhstan items in other headings.

  • Silk Road Painting is based in Almaty. They have silk paintings, dream quilts, crafts, and souvenirs. They also have items from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. They have expanded in response to adoptive parents to include jewelry, books, music and clothing. Want something you don't see? I am sure if you e-mail them your request, they will make every effort to find it for you. Please mention Kazakh Adoptive Families when you order.
  • Kazakh Arts and Crafts: dolls, home decor, clothing, books, maps, music. Please mention Kazakh Adoptive Families when you order.
  • Heart and Seoul: T-shirts, jewelry, gotcha day balloons, note cards, adoption announcements. Many of the items can be made for Kazakhstan. Also has instructions for making Kazakhstan flag toothpicks to put on, for example, cupcakes for a gotcha day celebration.
  • Kazakh Crafts has purses and vests; made by Kazakhs in Mongolia.
  • International Snow Leopard Trust has items made by Kazakhs in Mongolia and from Kyrgyzstan.
  • Mandy's Moon has multicultural and adoption products. T-shirts, luggage tags, ornaments, paperweight, plaques, shower invitations, announcements, stickers, all custom made for adoptions from Kazakhstan and other countries.
  • Angel Baby Gifts: Everything can be personalized: bibs, adoption and birth announcements, candy wrappers, t-shirts, sweats, onesies, address labels, thank you notes and stationary, kids business cards, tote bags, stickers, and magnets.
  • Thanks to Cindy L., I have discovered that you can sometimes find Kazakh and Central Asia things on belly dancing sites and ethnic/tribal jewelry sites. Some that I have found are: Ethnic Treasures at Ruby Lane, and Tribal Jewelry (has ethnographic jewelry and textiles from around the world, including Central Asia). Trocadero lists antiques, fine art, collectibles and gifts. Anahita Gallery in Santa Fe specializes in doors, iron, and furnishings.
  • How about a miniature needlepoint rug for a dollhouse? Doll House Miniature Carpets are real hand made carpets. McMurray's Miniatures Needlepoint Rugs used to have a Kazak rug for doll houses.
  • Lalique has 3 running Kazak horses and also a Rearing Kazak horse. Warning: not cheap. Lalique also makes a Kazak horse book end. You can find stores online that sell these.
  • Neat Plates makes license plates with friendship flags, and they claim to carry every country. The home country goes on the right, so if using in the US, the US flag needs to go on the right.
  • Top Expressions has T-shirts with "I love ..." and "Kiss me, I' from ..." for many cities in Kazakhstan.
  • My Culture carries a wooden Kazakhstan map puzzle which can be personalized, flag rug, and other country and adoption items.
  • Denice's Creations is a fellow Kazakhstan adoptive mom who makes bags with flags on them.
  • Fiat Charities works in a Kazakh village in Mongolia, working to improve health care and education. They sell authentic handmade brocaded textiles which are very good in quality and are handmade by the village women.
  • Elena's Gifts & Souvenirs from Kazakhstan: Elena is a translator in Karaganda and is being assisted in this by an adoptive family. They do not stock the items, so it may take awhile to get them, but the unique arrangement allows you access to many items.

On CafePress you can find Kazakhstan on many different items, from t-shirts to coffee mugs. Below are some of the stores that I have found, I am sure there are many more.

  • Adoption World has "Born in Kazakhstan and Loved Around the World" on t-shirts, tile box, bib, creeper and "Baby in Kazakhstan" (map of Kazakhstan in background, flag of Kazkhstan, arrow pointing from the word baby) in t-shirts, mugs, hat, tote bag, sweatshirt. They have the same type of design for many countries.
  • Happy Kids: friendship flags on hats, mugs, T-shirts, car stickers, and several other T-shirt designs; the family t-shirts come in Russian, so they might be appropriate for some families from Kazakhstan.
  • Air Kazakhstan Logo Mall to remember your exciting flight; T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, hats, bears, etc.
  • A2Z Gifts is by a mom fund raising for her adoption. Kazakhstan, adoption, and other items.
  • Kaz, baby: "Cool Kaz Mom", "Proud Kaz Grandma", "Paper Pregnant" and other sayings on T-shirts.
  • The Buffet and Living Flags have better colors on the flag; it is on just about anything, from decorative items to apparel.
  • Princess Designs has "Kazakhstan Princess" and "This is what a Kazakhstan Princess Looks Like!" on various articles of clothing and decoratives; look under Featured Design.
  • Kazakhstan Stuff is unfortunately based upon Bor*t, but they do have some unique designs, including "I was born in Kazakhstan".
  • flag pole has the Astana coat of arms.
  • Help Support Adoption has "I went to Kazakhstan and all I got was the most BEAUTIFUL baby in the world".
  • Our Kids Culture is from the person that does the Topical Treasures maps listed below. They have many different items with her beautiful drawings.
  • Flags of the World has several different sayings to go with the flags.
  • Evil Genius Woman has some cute adoption and infertility related sayings, including "duh, i don't speak kazakh, i'm just a baby!" and "I have a child in Kazakhstan".
  • KazAdopt Shop has the Kazakh alphabet on various items.
  • EperanzasHope: custom products for multicultural and adoptive families. Cute "Yes, I am bilingual, I can cry in two languages, English and Kazakh", "Proud new US citizen", "Real Mom" and other designs.
  • KazGifts has a flag heart and a globe with flag design.
  • Adoption Bug has general adoption items along with designs from Kazakhstan, Russia, and most other common adoption countried.

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Russian sites

These sites specialize in items from Russia and occasionally may have Kazakh items as well.

  • Russian Legacy, Inc. has anything you could want from Russia: clothing, samovars, nesting dolls and eggs, folk art, militaria, porcelain, shawls & scarves, jewelry, and Christmas items. They also have a section of links for information on Russia, including shops and restaurants in the US.
  • Born in the USSR: lots of matryoshka dolls, lacquer boxes, books, eggs, t-shirts, pins, coins, flags, postcards, etc. Located in Houston, TX.
  • Gimbel's Department Store has a Russian collection with thimbles, stacking dolls, and collectibles. They have a fun catalog to look through. In Stevens Point, WI.
  • Russian Shop: porcelain, folk art, icons, dolls, samovars, books, military replicas, jewelry, eggs. In Lisle, IL.
  • Really Russian: santas, dolls, ornaments, eggs, angels, bells. Houston, TX
  • Russian Treasure is a shop in San Fransisco. Lacquer boxes, Faberge eggs, matryoshka dolls, chess sets, religious designs, books, art on eggs, Baltic amber, Christmas designs and other Russian and Soviet collector's items.
  • Russian Store is in Palm Beach, FL. Direct importer of art and antiques, specializing in Russian, Eastern European and South American Religious art.
  • Russian Island gift shop and cafe in Dallas.
  • Nickolai Gurgeiff has many Russian items. They occasionally have Kazakh dolls.
  • Rus-sell has Russian products.
  • Russian Made Russian Soviet Collectible Memorabilia and Culture, in Spokane, WA. I have bought several items from them on e-bay.
  • Natasha's Cafe; search for Russia; dolls, boxes, shawls, Soviet pins, books
  • Babooshka sells Russian nesting dolls in the UK.
  • Crafted Toys has folk art, gifts and collectibles from around the world, including Russia.
  • Russian Foods
  • Religious Jewelry Store has several Orthodox Crosses.
  • Serendipity Art Works quilts and collectibles made in Russia.
  • Russian Crafts: nesting dolls, lacquer boxes, brooches, enamel jewelry, shawls, eggs, figurines, books, DVD, and music.
  • Kremlin Gifts: lacquer, hand-crafted dolls, porcelain, nesting dolls, eggs and icons, lacquer miniatures, shawls, books and calendars, broockes and hairclips, and souvenirs.
  • Golden Cockerel sells nesting dolls, lots of different ones, along with other gift items. They have blank nesting dolls and eggs to paint your own. They also have a cute 3-piece "I Love You" nesting doll that would be perfect to hide a small gift in or to use at a wedding as a table decoration.
  • Kids Culture Center carries a variety of Russian products.
  • Petrikovka World Crafts has a variety of dolls (including paint your own), toys, and lacquerware.
  • Pumpkin House Publishers: "specializing in children's stories and children's books of a multicultural character. Our focus is translations and adaptations of children's stories and children's books from all over the world. Our goal is to select the best of world literature for children's books and children's stories and introduce it to American children." The ones that have been published so far are Russian.
  • The St Petersburger: music, movies, eggs, watches, jewelry, food, linens, icons, porcelain and ceramics, Soviet Army, souvenirs, samovars and trays.
  • Adopted from Russia carries toys, music, fairy tales, childre's books, cartoons, films, cards and photo frames, and t-shirts.
  • Purcifuls Toys has unpainted nesting dolls and eggs.
  • World Trading Group has a large collection of matrioshkas, along with other items from Russia. They have blank matrioshkas if you want them for an craft project.
  • Culture for Kids has many toys, books, CDs, etc.
  • Souvenirs from Russia is an ebay store, they will make something for you if you e-mail them.

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Dolls only

Ethnic or custom made

  • Language Littles are dolls in various sizes that speaks 25-30 phrases in a foreign language. They now have Anna, a doll who speaks Russian, in the 16" size. Sadly, the only boy doll that they have speaks Spanish, but maybe if enough parents requested it...
  • Apple Tree has asian and name brand dolls.
  • Ethnic Raggedy Dolls has handmade dolls from Africa, Cambodia, Chinese, Hispanic/Italian, Japan, Korea, Romania, Russia and Vietnam.
  • International Doll Company has boy and girl dolls; site takes a long time to load because of all the doll graphics. Asian, Latin American and Russian dolls.
  • My Twinn makes personalized dolls. You choose the face shape and color, eye color and shape, and hair color and style; you can do it online and see what the doll will look like instantly. You can also purchase matching clothes for your daughter - or son!
  • Precious Baby Doll Company has a Russian and Chinese doll and outfits. She has a design for a Kazakh outfit, but she will only produce it if she gets enough requests for it.

Maps and flags

  • Unfortunately, many flag companies think that the "sky blue" in the Kazakhstan flag is a light blue, but to the Kazakhs, it is more of a turqoise; I have tried to use the correct color on my website in the border and the font color. Look under the Cafepress listing above under Kazakhstan to find the flag on many items. Several of them have colors that are a little closer to what they should be.
  • Dixie Flag Company has 4 Kazakhstan (and many other countries and states) flags, ranging from 2'x3' to 5'x8'. San Antonio, TX.
  • FlagWear has a T-shirt with the flag of Kazakhstan. They also carry most other nations.
  • Kazakhstan flag banner, similar to the one that I bought in Kazakhstan, had framed, and placed in my daughter's room. They also have a "coat of arms", flag bumper stickers, and soccer shirts.
  • Topographical Treasures are beautiful, hand painted watercolor topographical maps which can be personalized with your child's name, birth date, and city. She is now also offering keychains, luggage tags, magnets, stationery, and shadow box kits.
  • Looking for oval car bumper stickers, such as those seen on cars in Europe? Try Travel Stickers.
  • Flagline carries different sized flags, as well as flags on bumper sticers, patches, and key rings.
  • Flag and Banner has colors that are a little closer to what they should be.
  • Adoption Decals makes custom chrome license plate frames with the words Different Countries - One Family and features flags representing members of your family. They have 19 countries, including Kazakhstan of course, but can create any flag that you might need. They are an another Kazakhstan adoptive family.

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Carpets, rugs, textiles

From Kazakhstan and central Asia. These items may be found in the general sites listed on this page as well.

  • Doing an internet search, I found hundreds of stores that carry antique Kazakh carpets, some costing thousands of dollars. Try doing a Google search with your state/country as one of the keywords and you may find a local store as well as auctions. To learn about antique rugs, read some of the following sites so that you invest wisely: Guide to Kazak Rugs; Guide to Oriental Rugs; Rug Education has excellent articles on history, making, styles, and judging value; Oriental Rug Review has many articles covering central Asian countries; and Article on the development of four Kazak Designs.
  • Bukhara Carpets in Almaty. They have an excellent guide on buying rugs.
  • Cocoon carries Central Asian textiles.
  • Look online for a rug in Kazak brick red and Reflections Kazak Crimson.
  • Search eBay as there are always numerous Kazak style carpets and rugs listed.

This is the real "miscellaneous" section

These sites either deal generally with adoption and/or have a multi-cultural theme.

  • Legacy Video Productions can make a video of your adoption journey from your photos, lifebook, journal, blog, souvenirs and your narration. What a unique keepsake! They specialize in adoptions because the founder of the company adopted from Kazakhstan.
  • AdoptShoppe: unique gifts and resources for parents building families through international adoption. Books, cookie cutters, books, magazines, gifts, dolls, etc.
  • Asia for Kids has books, dolls, videos, etc.
  • Tapestry Books carries a large selection of adoption related books.
  • Celebrate Diversity "Unique gifts that encourage peace and unity." Lexington, KY. Decor, jewelry, apparel, stationery.
  • His Kids Too is a non-profit organization that aids orphanages and kids. Russian and Ukranian items.
  • The Christopher Radko "Celebrate Adoption" Charity Ornaments available new online only at Macy's (search for radko adoption). Benefits the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. You may be able to find the previous years, starting in 2000, online or through ebay. He also makes an ornament of St. Basil's called Basil Dazzle Gem, and in 2005 there are 2 sets of Russian Santas.
  • Other pages with links: Karen's Adoption Links and The Mall from Families with Children from China.
  • Angel Covers: this non-profit company sends blankets and donations to orphanages around the world, including Kazakhstan.
  • Multicultural Kids
  • Adoption Gifts Personalized wooden baby block.
  • Many Hearts One Beat Adoption Gifts.
  • Not Showing because you, too, are expecting. Adoption t-shirts and gifts. "Adopting", "Pregnant on Paper", "I grew in my mommy's heart". From a family adopting from Guatemala.
  • Gotcha Back "Welcome Home" banners with your child's picture and name, from a China adoptive family. They can make a banner for most any occasion.
  • Persnickety Promotions is a company that prints invitations, announcements, etc., that is owned by a Kazakhstan adoptive family. They offer 20% off suggested retail price to adoptive families.
  • Adoption Mama has some very cute t-shirt designs. I love the "yes, I am still adopting" and the bio/adopted designs. They also have a Cafepress store, so you can get the designs on many different items.
  • Besem Natural Scents are fellow Texans who make candles and soaps. They sell them primarily for fundraising for adoptive parents, although you can purchase them from their site. They adopted from Kazakhstan in 2004.
  • Charms 123 has a nice selection of adoption and international travel jewelry from another adoptive mom.

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