Kazakh Kids

These are the same newsletters that were offered through the EEAC sponsored Kazakhstan adoption list. Although they are no longer being produced, I thought that they were excellent. The links below take you to a PDF file.

"Kazakh Kids is a newsletter designed to help educate you about Kazakhstan and it's people, to serve as a way of bringing together all of us in a community and to share our experiences .... address topics of interest to all of you, and to answer questions you have asked about your children's heritage."

"In each issue we will bring you information such as traditional recipes, children's stories and nursery rhymes, kid's games, explanations of national holidays, descriptions of various regions of Kazakhstan, historical events and even language and phrases! We LOVE to hear from you and would be very happy to include articles written by you or to answer specific questions you may have pertaining to your child and the region they were adopted from. We view ourselves as only the catalyst and researchers for this newsletter, but feel it is a living, breathing form of communication to be shared by all who have an interest in Kazakhstan and it's children. We'd love your participation, so contact us with any ideas or with your own written articles!"

Some of the areas to be covered may include:
Kids Corner: Folk tales
Kazakh Kuties: pictures of readers' wonderful children adopted from Kazakhstan
Candid Questions: editorial/opinion and reader response
Shared Thoughts: perspective pieces written by readers
In The News: news from Kazakhstan

Issue 1 [PDF link]: April 20, 2001

  • Introduction - about your newsletter
  • About Your Staff
  • Kids Corner: Whom to Chose
  • Language Lounge: Kazakh names
  • Kazakh Kuties
  • Candid Questions: Referral Time... or...What are we doing, buying a cantaloupe?

Issue 2 [PDF link]: April 27, 2001

  • Staff Sound Off
  • Kids Corner: The Hunter and the Snake
  • Shared Thoughts: What it feels like to be an orphan
  • Culture Connection: Kazakh Marriage Customs
  • Kazakh Kuties
  • In The News
  • Candid Questions: What did I do?

Issue 3 [PDF link]: May 21, 2001

  • Staff Sound Off
  • Kids Corner: Living Water
  • Shared Thoughts: A Dad's Perspective
  • Culture Connection: Kazakh Birth Customs
  • Sergey's Trip: pictures from Rudny
  • Candid Questions: My adoption pet peeves.
  • Kazakh Kuties

Issue 4 [PDF link]: July 4, 2001

  • Staff Sound Off
  • Kids Corner: Amin and the Eggs
  • Kazakh Names
  • Candid Questions: What American citizenship means
  • Sergey's Trip: Kustanay Boarding School
  • Traditional Games: Ketty, Ketty, Oramel
  • Culture Connection: Dastaran

Issue 5 [PDF link]: August 1, 2001

  • Staff Sound Off
  • Kazakh Phrases
  • Kids Corner: Origin of the Doombra
  • Culture Connection: Yurts
  • Noteworthy Notes
  • Kazakh Kuties
  • Candid Questions: How to handle referral time
  • Shopping Around: Kazakh dolls

Issue 6 [PDF link]: September 15, 2001

  • Staff Sound Off
  • Kids Corner: Kanbak-Shal
  • Shopping Around: Central Asian imports, address labels for the family, dolls
  • An Inside View: questions and answers with a foreign exchange student from Aktobe.
  • Culture Connection: The Ancient States of Kazakhstan
  • It's Your Turn: Top 3 first impressions of Kazakhstan
  • Kazakh Kuties

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