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First Name :   Donna
Comment :   I hardly know where to begin. I wish I had found a comprehensive site such as this before I adopted my son the Spring of 99. Well done!

First Name :   Michel
Comment :   Well done! Great information for anyone interested in Kazakhstan adoption. I will encourage others to view this information.

First Name :   Sharon
Comment :   What a great resource! Regarding the bill, which has passed in Congress, granting automatic citizenship to orphans adopted by US citizens: It was signed by President Clinton and will go into effect at the end of Feb. (the 27th, I think).

First Name :   Loraine Young
Comment :   Hey Susan! Love the web site.

First Name :   Chris
Comment :   Thanks for taking time to put this resource together for us :)

First Name :   Peggy Beattie
Comment :   Thank you for a great web site; very helpful to future parents waiting to travel.

First Name :   Cindy La Joy
Comment :   This is, by far, the best resource available on the web with specific information regarding Kazakstan and adoptions. You did a splendid job, and I am sure that it will only grow as time goes on...and more kids find their forever families! Thanks for the g

First Name :   Gail
Comment :   Wonderful website! Thanks so much! My husband & I will find this very usful for our upcoming adoption from Pavlodar!

First Name :   Vickie
Comment :   I happened upon your site while putting together information for a lifebook for my son (adopted from Kazakhstan 8/10/2000). Thank you for the terrific resources!

First Name :   Cyndi
Comment :   Thank you for creating this web site :) We truly appreciate the information as we adopt.

First Name :   Caroline
Comment :   Great information on all aspects of international adoption. Thanks for putting it together.

First Name :   Marow
Comment :   Wow!! great website. it will help answer many of our questions.

First Name :   Teresa
Comment :   Hi Susan, I just looked at your site: very nice. You wrote to me about putting my cassette and handbook on your site (_Adopting From Russia, a Language and Parenting Guide_ by Teresa Kelleher). That sounds like a great plan. I did not realize that Kazakh

First Name :   Stephanie
Comment :   I am also a mother of a baby girl from Karaganda. I adopted her in the winter of 2000. It is nice to have a site for the Kaz families

First Name :   Nancy
Comment :   Great Site !!! Thank you for all the wonderful information you have gathered for others. Good luck and God Bless your new little angel.

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First Name :   Brian
Comment :   Thanks so much for putting together this incredible resource!!

First Name :   Chris
Comment :   Dear To Whom It May Concern: I can't quite access my email currently last time I checked which was a while back. I may need to check it again and see if the bug is fixed yet or not. Anyrate, I am interested in adopting one or two children from Romania, on

First Name :   Deborah
Comment :   Just had a minute to look over it, but since I plan to adopt from Kazakstan I will return to this site again.

First Name :   Chris
Comment :   Thanks for all your links. My husband and I are going through an agency that adopts through this region and we looking for more information. It was very helpful!

First Name :   Dave
Comment :   Most impressive...

First Name :   Vicki
Comment :   Great job, Susan! :) Love, Vicki

First Name :   Cyndi
Comment :   Thank you for creating and up dating this web site. :) Went through the travel section today - we leave on Friday :)

First Name :   ann maroni
Comment :   Very Impressive! What is so nice is that you have set this up to share with others who may be starting the process. It will save the rest of us so much time and effort by your willingness to share and ability to do so. Thanks tons!

First Name :   Lisa
Comment :   Very helpful! We leave within 1 week and the adoption stories of others has helped my stress level!

First Name :   Christine
Comment :   Thanks for the website, it is very helpful.

First Name :   Shannon
Comment :   Great resource! Thanks for putting it all together. I've added it to my bookmarks and have been back twice a week since I've found it :)

First Name :   Ruth
Comment :   Thanks for all the hard work and informative facts and info. Looking forward to spending a lot of time here.

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First Name :   Chayna
Comment :   glad to see the website up!

First Name :   Lisa
Comment :   Hi it's Cooper's mama. We loved looking at your sight. Just today we were talking about wanting to look more into the language and the translation of it into english.

First Name :   JoAnn
Comment :   Thank you for putting all of this information together. We are just at the stage where we are working on our home study and had a million questions. You answered a lot of them for me. Thank you for all your work.

First Name :   Diana
Comment :   you have the best Kaz website! Your hard work is appreciated. I've included a link to your website on mine - hope you don't mind. www.angelfire.com/ny5/Eaton

First Name :   Chris
Comment :   Great job Susan ! You've obiviously spent hours working on your site.... I was wondering, in your research have you ever come across anything about the Uighurs ? One of our sons adopted from Kaz) is Uighur & Tartar & I've had trouble finding much info abo

First Name :   Beth Sivitz
Comment :   A new friend gave sent me this site. My husband & I are considering adoption from Kazakstan. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and sharing of this informaiton. Beth

First Name :   Sharon
Comment :   I love your site. Thank you so much for all of the time and effort that must go into maintaining such a comprehensive site. I am planning to travel in the next two weeks and I find myself visiting your site daily.

First Name :   Vanessa
Comment :   I am new here but am looking forward to exploring what looks like an excellent website. Certainly the things I have seen so far are terrific. Thanks so much for doing this for everyone. It is clearly needed!

First Name :   Kimberly
Comment :   Just becoming interested in adoption in Kazakhstan. Found a little girl who needs a family. Going over seas scares me. I have never left the USA. It will take me a long time to get though your site but I will read every word. Any pros or cons about Tree o

First Name :   Lindy
Comment :   My husband and I are in the middle of adopting a child from Kazakhstan. We're so excited and am even more excited that now I know where I can go to get more information on Kazakhstan and the adoption process. This is a wonderful website! Thank you so much

First Name :   Vicky
Comment :   Thank you for being human, friendly and to the point. I'll come back again - you're a star!!

First Name :   Ron
Comment :   My wife and I are getting ready to go to Kaz to adopt 2 children. This web site has been very helpfull. Thank you.

First Name :   Tricia
Comment :   I know that you mentioned you have strong opionions about agencies but do you have any info. on World Partners International? If you choose not to comment that's okay!


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