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First Name :   Shelley
Comment :   Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy checking in with your webpage. As an adoptive parent of a Kaz daughter (12/00) it has been a wonderful resource. Thanks!!

First Name :   don
Comment :   wow- i was 'stuck' on the site for over two hours- you certainly have provided us with a great tool!!! Many thanks

First Name :   Kayla
Comment :   We are just at the beginning process of adopting and think we are headed towards Kazakstan - this is and will be great information as we pray and talk about it. Thank you for the time you have put into this website!

First Name :   Libby
Comment :   My husband and I are planning adoption from Kazakhstan this year. We are completing our homestudy this month and awaiting our I-171H. I would love any advice you might have.

First Name :   Chris
Comment :   You seem to have a very good and informative site here. More than I can peruse in one sitting. I broke my ankle in two different places a week and a half ago which makes sitting at this cramped desk for long very difficult because it is hard to find a spo

First Name :   Michael and Karen Price
Comment :   Starting adoption from Kazakhstan. Looking into agencies. Thank you for the great web site with lots of information.

First Name :   Akihito
Comment :   I found your coment about my site, It's ready now.please check updated site. http://ateurasia.w3.to/ (but sorry for no kazak pics ready yet)

First Name :   Sandra
Comment :   I was sooo very happy to see your page. My best friend is starting adoption procedures for 7-year-old from Kazakhstan and I think this is the most helpful resource I have found. Thank you for you time and work in putting this together.

First Name :   June
Comment :   What a great web site! I am a licensed clinical social worker in Miami, Florida and do home studies for families, many of whom are hoping to adopt from Kazakhstan. I will be sure to refer them to your site for in-depth info, especially liked the section o

First Name :   Darla
Comment :   thank you so much, what a wonderfully informative site!

First Name :   Susan
Comment :   Dear Susan, I'll have you know that your's is THE site I recommend for anyone considering KZ. Let's get together soon. Lynn

First Name :   Marcia
Comment :   THanks for a very helpful, informative web page.

First Name :   Deana
Comment :   Thanks so much for putting this together!! I'm only in the initial stages of the adoption process but want to get more specific info on the country/culture prior to moving forward.

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First Name :   Paula
Date :   3/11/02.
Comment :   Thanks for a marvlous, informative and inviting website. I do want your opinion about Kazahkstan agencies. Any direction to other sites and your personal opinion are welcome and deeply appreciated. Interviewing many other parents who adopted from

First Name :   Terry
Date :   3/17/02
Comment :   Thank you for a wonderful web site. We are in the process of adopting in Kazakhstan and I found your site very helpful. Thanks again

First Name :   Aline
Date :   3/26/02
Comment :   Great information source

First Name :   Lisa Metzger
Date :   March 29, 2002
Comment :   

First Name :   Megan
Date :   7 Apr 02
Comment :   I have returned time and again to this site for information, or to satisfy curiosity. It's a terific contribution and a diverse place to go once one starts this journey. thanks for your hardwork. information

First Name :   Jim Cz
Date :   5/12/02
Comment :   Am starting the adoption process- I am very excited about the exchange of info

First Name :   Margaret
Date :   May 19,2002
Comment :   I wish we had found this site before my daughter and I went to Kazakhstan in February 2002 to get her daughter. Now with a little experience behind us, we would be more than happy to answer any questions we can.

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First Name :   Ellen
Date :   May 26, 2002
Comment :   Hi - thank you for the wonderful resource. I'd love to chat with you about adoption agencies - which you think are great, what problems you've seen with others. I'm doing some research too, so if I find things that are not on your site

First Name :   Samantha
Date :   June 20, 2002
Comment :   Thank you for collecting so much wonderful information - you've really helped some of us 'newbies.'

First Name :   Margaret
Date :   June 21, 2002
Comment :   I have come to your website several times and have found it most informative. I am a grandmother of a Kazakhstan little girl. I went with my daughter in March 2002 to get Mackenzie. She has totally changed our lives and we are so grateful to everyone that

First Name :   Christina
Date :   06/24/02
Comment :   Great site -- thank you so much

First Name :   Michaela
Date :   6/27/02
Comment :   Your website was a wonderful resource for me when we were preparing to adopt. I now recommend it frequently. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource.

First Name :   Beth
Date :   7/7/02
Comment :   This site is just what I have been looking for!Thanks so much.

First Name :   Donna Lynn
Date :   7/14/2002
Comment :   Wonderful site! Thank you!

First Name :   don and michelle
Date :   7/17/02
Comment :   I think you mean comment in this section as it is the big section. we have used this site many many times and always find something new. we travel in about 2 weeks to aqtobe for our son. thanks for your help

First Name :   Andrea & Tom
Date :   7/21/2002
Comment :   Outstanding site - comprehensive beyond belief. Thank you for creating such a terrific site - it's a huge asset.

First Name :   Deborah Grazel
Date :   
Comment :   Could you give me any info on obtaining a pediatric doctor in my are (Chesapeake Virgina) that deal with international adoptions. We are in the waiting stage to get a little girl from Russia in the next couple of months. Thank You Deb Grazel

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First Name :   Naomi
Date :   August 7 2002
Comment :   Hi! Wish I knew when your site was last updated. I'm so glad you put it together - I'm a single woman looking to adopt and someone told me Kazakhstan was a good place - as well as Russia and Guatemala. I'm looking forward to exploring your site!

First Name :   Ewa
Date :   8.08.2002
Comment :   Hey,I've got a friend from Kazakhstan:)She studies here Poland:)

First Name :   Polly
Date :   8/14/02
Comment :   You mentioned that you had not found a memory/life book specific to adoption from Kazakhstan. celebratechild.com has one that can be customized for single or couple adoption AND specific country, including Kazakhstan. I haven't ordered it (yet!)

First Name :   Paloma
Date :   15 de Agosto de 2002
Comment :   Several families of Spain we are trying to open the adoption on the part of Spanish in Kasakhstan and this web us is of many help. Thank you for your effort and you deserve the best thing. Your children have a great mother!!!. Kisses.

First Name :   Mary
Comment :   Just read most of your site it is a great resouce I will find some place that I can link to all this great information!

First Name :   Julie
Date :   9/10/02
Comment :   Great website. I just can't find your name on the home page - or a link to your personal adoption story - are you one of the families listed? Just curious about your particular story and the daughter you adopted.

First Name :   Leslie
Date :   9/21/02
Comment :   Wonderful site! I'm anxiously awaiting when we'll be heading to Kazakhstan for our little girl. Lots of info here to keep me busy AND educated on the country!

First Name :   Cheryl
Date :   10/07/02
Comment :   Thank you so much for your hardwork and dedication on this website. My husband and I have had this in our "favorites" file since we started the process on July 29th . Thank you . Thank you

First Name :   Darlene
Date :   10/09/02
Comment :   You have a great web site, very informative. I only spent a short time going through it, but I will have to spend a lot more time on your site. Great Job


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