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These are some of the more common ethnicities (in addition to Kazakh) found in Kazakhstan. Statistics are from 2007. Kazakhs represent 59.2% of the population. In addition to those listed here, there are also Ukrainian (2.9%); Byelorussians, Koreans, Azerbajanians, and Turks (less than 1% each). There are more than 100 nationalities that reside in Kazakhstan.

German flag Germany (1.4%)

tatar flag Tatar (1.5%)

uz flag Uzbek (2.9%)

  • Uzbek Dance and Culture Society [external [link], performances in DC and sponsors a Central Asia dance camp.
  • Recipes [external [link] for Uzbek home style bread, braised onions and carrots, and Uzbek Palov. Look on the Cooking page for additional sources.
  • Uzbek National Cuisine [external [link]
  • Consulate General of Uzbekistan [external [link] in NYC.
  • History of Uzbekistan [external [link]
  • UzbekWorld [external [link]: Arts & Humanities, Business & Economy, Computers & Internet, Countries & Regions, Education & Reference, Entertainment & Fun, Government & Policy, Health & Medicine, News & Media, People & Chat, Society & Culture, Travel & Vacations, Shopping.
  • WWW.UZ [external [link]: General Information, State Authority, News, Economy and Industry, Foreign Activity, Science and Education, Mass Media, Culture and Art, History, Internet Resources. In Russian and Uzbek.
  • Omniglot: Uzbek [external [link]

uighur flag Uighur, also spelled as: Uygur, Uigut, Uighuir, Uiguir, Weiwuer; AKA Eastern Turkestan (this region is also known as Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China). (1.5%)

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ru flag Russian (25.6%)
Since there are so many easily available sources, from the internet to your local library or bookstore, I decided to list links to regional community resources. Many of these are in Russian. If you want to look for further information on the internet, first try the sources on the Link Only section on the General Information page; most of them also have information on Russia. Universities with Eastern European studies departments and Russian Orthodox Churches may also sponsor lectures and events. Many larger cities have a Russian community that may not have an internet presence. The links below may take you to sites in Russian, and I have not taken the time to translate them. I found many of them through Bay Area Russian American Business Affiliates Network [external [link]. Be aware that some of these offer dating services. These are listed alphabetically by city where possible. For a page with a massive number of links, go to Super Russian Resources [external [link].


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