Transportation Security Administration external link (TSA): information on prohibited items, securtiy measures, and other travel tips.

Carry-on, Purse, or Back Pack (in other words, easily accessible; for on the plane or just traveling in the country)

  • ☐ pens, pencil
  • ☐ calculator: Eagle Creek Multi-Function Travel Clock link in new window is an alarm clock, calculator and currency converter in one.
  • ☐ money belt or wallet (hidden): Check out the selection of security wallets & money belts link in new window at Magellan's. Try out several different styles before you leave home, so that you know you have one that you like.
  • ☐ paperback books
  • ☐ travel pack of bandaids
  • ☐ small flashlight or penlight
  • ☐ small pack of tissues
  • ☐ small pack of wet wipes, such as Nice 'n Clean link in new window (I like this brand because the package is compact.)
  • ☐ travel pack of toilet paper, seat covers: Travel Toilet Tissue link in new window; Toilet Seat Covers link in new window; Toilet Set (10-envelope packet) link in new window contains a toilet seat cover, a dozen tissues and a pre-moistened towelette; Urinelle link in new window is a funnel for women, particularly useful for hole-in-the-floor toilets.
  • ☐ For use in the airplane, on trains, etc., try Toothettes (20) link in new window (disposable toothbrush that does not require water, 20 per pack).
  • ☐ eye drops, especially if you wear contacts; the air on planes is extremely dry.
  • ☐ hand sanitizer
  • ☐ lip balm: air on planes is very dry
  • ☐ pain reliever - tylenol and/or motrin
  • ☐ jet lag remedy - melatonin or No-Jet-Lag link in new window.
  • ☐ motion sickness remedy - dramamine
  • ☐ peppermint candies can help open up you lungs and help breathing; no other flavor will do.
  • ☐ slippers - Isotoner type or Travel Slippers link in new window (it is nice to take your shoes off on long flights, and the slippers are easier to put on for trip to the bathroom and walking around)
  • ☐ headphones, eye mask, ear plugs: most airlines will provide some of these on long flights, but you might prefer to take your own. Comfort Eye Shade link in new window, Lights Out Sleep Mask link in new window, and Extreme Hearos Earplugs link in new window. I highly recommend purchasing noise cancelling headphones link in new window, as they make a big difference in the audio quality of in-flight movies and reduce the background noise of the plane and the people.
  • ☐ small bottle of water. Yes, you can get water on the flight, but a bottle you can keep at your seat to drink from at leisure, take medicine, etc. is very handy. With current security issues concerning liquids, you will need to purchase a bottle at the airport, or bring an empty one to refill.
  • *While traveling or doing anything in Kazakhstan I recommend you have a bottle of water with you at all times.

Inside Carry-on

  • ☐ snacks/food as an alternative or in addition to the airplane food.
  • ☐ copies of passport pages (makes it easier to get one replaced)
  • ☐ first aid kit (see separate list) With TSA restrictions, you may prefer to pack this in checked luggage.
  • ☐ toiletry kit (see separate list) You may have to put this in your checked luggage.
  • ☐ small sewing kit
  • ☐ night light (for US travel, put in bathroom to make night-time visits easier)
  • ☐ small scented candle (great for getting rid of smells in hotel rooms. Find one that comes in a covered metal container.)
  • ☐ travel umbrella
  • ☐ spare contacts, glasses, small eyeglass repair kit
  • ☐ travel alarm clock
  • ☐ change of clothes
  • ☐ deck of cards
  • pillow and blanket link in new window, that way you know who used them last, instead of relying on the airline to adequately clean them.
  • ☐ small tote bag that folds flat, such as the Kiva Key Chain Tote Bag link in new window (I have two of these!), which can be used as a carry-on if needed; you may want this in checked bags instead.
  • ☐ *all paperwork (I-600, tax returns, copy of dossier, etc.). You might want to scan all the papers onto a portable USB drive as a back-up.

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