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Personal web pages are fun because they often contain many pictures. Unfortunately, they are usually hosted sites that have ads that popup every time you change pages. It is also difficult to search for exactly what you want. If you run across a neat site, please let me know. The host sites are listed in alphabetical order; individual sites are listed as I found them. I generally searched using just "Kazakhstan". A good number of the blogs are no longer updated, but they still provide insite. This page is divided up into the following sections:

Angelfire Member Pages: more than 3800 pages

  • KazakhstanElumin [external link]: joint military operations with the US, economy, a few pictures, general information links, and current events. Site not updated since 2001.
  • Damir [external link]: lots of pictures, taken from other sites
  • Bashiri [external link]: detailed information and history of Kazakhstan.

Tripod Member Pages: more than 18,000 member pages

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Non-hosted sites: these aren't located on any of the above sites.

Photos on, a photo sharing site. Search for Kazakhstan [external link] or Kazakstan [external link] and you get thousands of hits. Let me know if you find anything interesting.

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Peace Corp Volunteers (PCVs)

I have placed these in their own category because they are a little different. Many of them give detailed accounts of what it is like to live in smaller towns and villages from the perspective of American youth. Although they may live predominately in one town, they frequently travel to other cities for visits and training. The usual stay is 2 years. The program was suspended November 2011 because of safety concerns for the volunteers.


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