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Miscellaneous Shopping contains links to Kazakhstan, Russia, multicultural and adoption shopping.

One of the advantages to the internet is the ability to earn money through various affiliate programs. These allow you to earn a commission by linking to their sites. In other words, if you purchase anything from these internet stores, I will receive credit for the sale. If you were planning on making purchases from any of these merchants anyway, it will not cost you any more to buy something through these links.

Any profits that I make will be donated to the orphanages and hospitals in Kazakhstan. I will report on this page how much was donated and to whom. Please help me make this work.

I have tried to list sites that carry travel items or that you can use in setting up your life with a child. Either I have personally used them, or they are well known. If you have a problem with a merchant, please let me know. I am currently trying to figure out how to donate this money. If you see an "Affiliate Program" symbol on any web sites that you frequent, let me know and I will add them.

A red diamond next to a page indicates that it has had an affiliates added or deleted in the last month. I usually update coupon codes and special offers during the first week of the month.

  • Airfares and travel packages.
  • Travel related products: language, luggage and phones.
  • Electronics: computers and accessories, cameras/camcorders and accessories.
  • Kid-related and gift ideas: baby stores, toys, bulk toys for groups, Russian store, clothing, picture sharing, restaurant discounts, home schooling program.
  • Books, music, videos: Barnes and Noble, Used book store search, Discovery Store, iTunes, National Geographic
  • iTunes page, including songs and podcasts.

These pages do contain company logos, some of which are animated (although I have tried to reduce the number). If the animation bothers you, I do have logo-free pages: Affiliates page 1 (airfare, travel, calling cards, electronics, house) and Affiliates page 2 (kid, gifts, books, music, videos), but I do not keep the specials and offers as current and there are no interactive links.

In order to be paid for ebay, you have to link directly from my site for every bid. To make this a little easier, I have created a separate ebay link in new window page that you can bookmark.


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