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Home: introduction, weather, time.

About me and this website.


  • Map of Kazakhstan: relief map, old and new names of cities.
  • About Kazakhstan: world map, information from the CIA World Factbook.
  • General Information: links to multi-topic web sites .
  • Culture Links: libraries/literature, games, jewelry, performing and visual arts, etc. and lots of pictures.
  • Specialty Sites: these sites have a single topic or interest.
  • Maps: thumbnails of maps of Kazakhstan with links to full size images.
  • News and articles: links to news sources, magazine and newspaper articles.
  • Cities: online translators, map, links to information about most major cities.
  • Other Cultures links to information on other cultures found in Kazakhstan.
  • Personal web pages: links to web pages written by individuals about Kazakhstan.
  • Cooking and Recipes: links to recipes and meal information.
  • Music: links to Kazakh music MP3 downloads and Russian children's music.
  • Music CDs and songs available for purchase.
  • Videos and TV shows with Kazakhstan and/or Central Asia as the topic.


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  • Pre-adoption process and paperwork: agency selection, immigration forms and information, US State Department fact sheets and Embassy contact information, dossier.
  • Adoption Trip: before you go hints, general schedule
  • Post-adoption: social security number, readoption, citizenship, Embassy registration, health insurance, other post adoption items.
  • Transitioning is an article with hints on easing your child's transition out of the orphanage to a familiy, covers things to do during your trip and at home.
  • Initial Adjustment of adopted children; excellent article on easing the adjustment once home.
  • Medical Issues: help in evaluating a referral, links to international adoption medical specialists, developmental evaluation, post-adoption medical tests.
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on the e-mail lists. 5 pages.
  • Adoption Law: links and unofficial translations of some of the Kazakhstan laws affecting adoption. 4 pages.
  • Connecting: ways to maintain a cultural connection. Links to reunions and regional get-togethers, online school, cultural exhibits, sewing, etc.
  • Other countries: international adoption while living in countries other than the US.
  • Adoption Resources: other international adoption sites, special needs, financial resources, list of download forms.
  • E-mail lists and online support groups.
  • Inspiration: songs and poems, most with an adoption theme. On 4 pages.

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Families web pages: links to web pages written by adoptive families. Sign up for the Mailing list to be notified when this page is updated.


  • General travel information: government sites, CDC on immunizations and health issues, travelers' insurance, money, customs, metric converter, guide books, travel accessories, hints on traveling with kids, jet lag, personal safety, hotels, weather.
    • Emergency Card: with personalized information, card with "Embassy" in Cyrillic.
    • Hotel Survey [form link]: please fill this out about hotels in Kazakhstan.
  • Keeping in Touch on the Trip: cell/satellite phones, calling cards, internet cafes.
  • Travel to and within Kazakhstan: airlines that fly to Kazakhstan and their airports, flights, railways.
  • Travel agents and tourist agencies, visa services.
  • Moscow travel information, for those that need or choose to go through Moscow.
  • Packing
    • Carry-on: links to other lists and hints, carry-on items.
    • Packing - other: general items, food, for infants, for toddlers and older, toys.
    • Clothes: hints on packing, seasonal suggestions, list for adults and children.
    • Kits for first aid, toiletries and laundry.

Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Statement: how information is collected and utilized, about the sites linked to, compliance with COPPA, Copyright.


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