Travel Index

General information

  • General travel information: government sites, CDC on immunizations and health issues, travelers' insurance, money, customs, metric converter, guide books, travel accessories, hints on traveling with kids, jet lag, personal safety.
  • Emergency Card: create a list that you take with you of information you might need. This includes a card with the words "Embassy" written in Cyrillic.
  • hotels links to list of hotels, links to hotels online; Hotel Survey [form link].
  • weather: several sources, some with historical data

Keeping in Touch on the Trip

Travel to and within Kazakhstan: airlines that fly to Kazakhstan and the associated airports, as well as a listing of flight times and days; related embassies. Also link to railways.

New link:

Travel agents and tourist agencies, visa services

Moscow travel information, for those that need or choose to go through Moscow.

Packing Index: links to other lists and hints

  • Carry-on: carry-on items.
  • Packing - other: general items, food, for infants, for toddlers and older, toys, gifts.
  • Clothes: hints on packing, seasonal suggestions, list for adults and children.
  • Kits for first aid, toiletries and laundry.

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